About Us

Griffin's Judo & Karate/Kajukenbo International is a robust, well developed and mature martial arts program with its core curriculum developed by the founder, Senior Grand Master Kalaii Kano Griffin and passed onto Grand Master Correia as the Administrator for the Griffin's System of Martial Arts.

Our system of study is comprised of primarily Chinese Kenpo and Emperado Kajukenbo with influence from the other styles Senior Grand Master Griffin studied such as Vee Jitsu, Kodokan Judo, American Goju Ryu, Pai Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi. As a result, the classes are well rounded, never boring and offer something for everyone.

Practitioners of this program gain an insight to true self preservation. The concept includes fitness, self-confidence, spiritual awareness and a realistic means of defending themselves. The workouts are challenging but based on personal, systematic progression to help you achieve the level of fitness you desire.

The system constitutes a devastating form of self-defense that is based on 3000 year old principles and adapted to the modern day requirements. Students are taught how to identify threats, avoid if at all possible, and how to take action if required. In the true Spirit of the Martial Arts, true warriors are taught to be humble, caring and forgiving to the degree possible first, then absolutely devastating when that fails. The Griffin system of martial arts equips those who study here with the necessary knowledge to stay safe.

The eclectic, multi-faceted approach of this system covers various self defense situations as a result of the diversity of Senior Grand Master Griffin's training and vast knowledge he accumulated during his 60 years of training. It is the most well rounded you will find, covering close quarters, at a distance, multiple attackers and ground situations to name a few. Senior Grand Master Griffin's system truly has something for everyone.

Senior Grand Master Griffin’s unique curriculum and ways have proven to successfully bring the best from each to study, young to not so young.

Come check us out, we look forward to meeting you.

Mahalo and Aloha